How-to-ICO Introduction

We came up with an idea to provide businesses and entrepreneurs the necessary tools for a well thought quality ICO.


At Cryptomizers we believe that sharing experience and knowledge with the crypto community is essential for a sustainable blockchain environment. We came up with an idea to provide businesses and entrepreneurs the necessary tools for a well thought quality ICO. From now on we will be having a weekly topic called: How-to-ICO (HTI). In this first post we will explain how the concept works, how you can contribute and we give our first tip for ICOs.

Thursday is How-to-ICO-day


First up on our list is a short explanation on HTI. Like we stated above this will be a weekly returning topic. The topic is going to be discussed every Thursday from now on. HTI has several main subjects like: The ICO-checklist, ICO-basics, How to build a community, WP tips and many more. ICO-basics is the only monthly returning topic on the first Thursday of every month. We encourage you to give us your feedback so we could improve the content on the way.

How-To-ICO contributors

Giving your feedback is not the only way to contribute to HTI. We are open to new topic suggestions and other tips. You can send your ideas to Cryptomizers on our contact page. Furthermore we need to spread our knowledge with the community so we can keep improving ICOs together. We cannot do that alone. We need you to spread the message to the world. Do you like our content? Tell it to your friends, family and colleagues! Together we can build a world full of quality ICOs!

Offer a real solution with blockchain


Last on the list is the first tip for this month: Offer a real solution with your blockchain project! Nowadays we encounter a lot of projects that think they need to host an ICO, while their product or service for example only benefits from the transaction speed of blockchain. Often their main reason is that they only need the investment. If this is the case in your project you should consider using an established currency and maybe visit sites like kickstarter. ICOs that want to offer a real solution should focus on ALL the possibilities blockchain has to offer for a company. If you are new to blockchain or want to know more about the best practicle examples according to Forbes? You can read the article here.

If you are new to the blockchain world blockgeeks wrote a introduction guide called what is blockchain technology. You will find the link by clicking here.

We are looking forward to keep improving ICOs worldwide. What are your best tips for ICOs? Let us know in the comments. Next week we will post 10 of your best tips and our own ICO-checklist!

And as always: have a cryptastic day!

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