Content Calendar

Cryptomizers has a brand new content calendar with weekly returning topics that will fulfil your needs. We only selected the subject that you would like to read the most. Every day we got a new topic. Do you want to know what you could expect from us?

Content Calendar

In case you did’t notice: Cryptomizers is working on a brand new content calendar. We asked our clients and followers what they’d like to see in our communication. Eventually we’ve summarized all the requests into seven weekly returning topics. For this weeks Cryptomizers’ Newsflash we’ll explain what you can expect from all our new topics.

Content Calendar
Cryptomizers Content Calenar

Monday: CryptoCal Events

From now on Cryptomizers will post a CryptoCal every Monday. CryptoCal is short for Cryptomizers Calendar for Events. In this post we will notify you about two interesting upcoming events regarding the blockchain environment. This could be events that we are visiting ourselves, but if there is an interesting event that we can’t attend we will notify you as well.

Tuesday: Cryptomizers Newsflash

Every Tuesday there will be a newsflash from the Cryptomizers department. This could be a post about the latest developments in our company, a story about someone from the Cryptomizers team or just a fun fact. If you have a request for specific topics you can always contact us with your suggestion(s).

Wednesday: Trends In Blockchain

The third day of the content calendar is reserved for specific trends in blockchain. There are so many trends occurring right now, that it becomes unclear to people what really matters. We separate the good from the bad in this weekly topic. What trends do you have to keep your eye on? You’ll find out on Wednesday.

Thursday: How-To ICO

Last week we already introduced this weekly returning topic. There are a lot of insecurities for companies that want to implement blockchain into their business. In order to give you the right tool to conquer all your fears, we came up with HTI. Got a topic that needs further explanation? Let us know in the comments!

Friday: Cryptomizers Clients

Every Friday we’ll share a story or a newsflash from our clients. We heard that you would like to gain more insights in the clients that we serve, so we discussed this with our clients and they’d love to share their experience. We came up with Cryptomizer Clients. This topic could be a story about their latest developments, newest achievements or our workflow with this client.

Saturday: Saturday Switch

On Saturday we introduce Saturday Switch. Saturday is standing out from the rest because there is no weekly returning topic. It is called Switch, because the topic is different every week. You could think of a post about something that happened in the blockchain community, a post about our partnerships or just a pause in our communication.

Sunday: I C gOld

Last but definitely not least: I C gOld. We got a lot of questions about our vision on quality ICOs. “How do you determine what is and what isn’t a quality ICO?” and “What ICOs do you consider quality ICOs?” where the ones asked most frequently. In this weekly topic we’ll choose an ICO that we do or don’t consider a quality ICO. We elaborate on why we think it is or isn’t. Do you know quality ICOs? Let us know in the comments and we might be reviewing your request!

Got any questions about or good ideas for our content calendar? Feel free to let us know! We’ll see you tomorrow with the latest trends in Blockchain. Have a cyptastic day!

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