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Client case AirPod

Take part of one of the world’s most profitable and stable businesses with passive crypto-income, introducing the future of the Travel and Napping industries starting with an extensive distribution chain present in over 1,000 airports around the world.

Airpod - ICO support - Whitepaper - Airdrop - Social Media Campaign - Community Growth - Telegram


Airdrop management Banner design Community growth Deliver a one-pager for investors ICO Advisors Redesign website Review Whitepaper

What we did?

Firstly we made an analysis of the current situation. Based on this, a marketing strategy was created to give AirPod the right quality. AirPod has a beautiful (physical) product, but they used a lot of information to tell the story. By setting up a new website, restructuring the whitepaper, facilitating a quality Airdrop and supporting in the graphics. We work closely together with a local marketing agency that provides the social media for AirPod.