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For this week’s CryptoCal we have two new events that might be interesting for you. Have you heard about Crypto Games Conference in Minsk and East-West Cryptobridge? If you haven’t heard of these two before, we’re here to inform you about these two upcoming events

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Two new events that might be interesting for you: Crypto Games Conference in Minsk and East-West Cryptobridge Conference in Frankfurt! CGC is focusing on gaming and blockchain, EWCC will pay extra attention to stimulate the bond between Europe and Asia. If you haven’t heard of these events, we’re here to inform you!

Cryptocal 1: Crypto Games Conference (CGC) – Minsk

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CGC – Minsk

Crypto Games Conference (CGC) is the first international conference dedicated to games and game services with use of blockchain and cryptocurrencies. The aim of the summit is to unite the worlds of games, blockchain, cryptocurrencies and other cutting edge technologies, discuss the profound implications of their convergence, and discover the new opportunities that result from their synergies. The conference sees about 600 professionals from 100 different brands across 25 countries. The event is divided into four main-topics: Crypto Games, Crypto Game Service, Gaming and Crypto funds & platforms. CGC is being held on October 17th – 18th in Minsk. The event starts Wednesday at 09:30 and finishes around 18:00. You’ll then have the opportunity to join a big blockchain party that lasts until 04:00! The second day will therefor start at 11:00 and lasts until 18:45. Want to know more about this event? Find more info here.

East-West Cryptobridge Conference (EWCC) – Frankfurt

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EWCC Frankfurt

The EWCC is part of the German blockchain week and focusses on forming a bridge between the Asian and European crypto worlds. Additional to the conference, many free meetups take place in selected locations around Frankfurt. Representatives of 5 of the 20 biggest cryptocurrencies and 3 of the architects of the crypto friendly regulatory framework of Malta will share their insights at the EWCC. Listen to leading experts such as Holger Köther (IOTA), Tilmar Goos (Cardano), Jan Heinrich Meyer (Dash) and Johnson Zhao (NEO) and discover the current development of the blockchain ecosystem. The event offers separate rooms where projects and blockchain companies can be presented to the audience. Here you have the opportunity to connect with a prestigious network of interconnected European and Asian crypto companies. EWCC is also a two day event on October 22th – 23th. Both days start at 09:30 and finish around 18:15.

Are you planning to visit one of these events? Let us know in the comments which of these events you do prefer and if you would like to visit another one in the near future. So what is your upcoming CryptoCal? We hope to see you soon.

As always: have a cryptastic day!

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