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Two new events that might be interesting for you: Blockchain & Bitcoin Conference Stockholm and Consensus Singapore! B&B has a wide variety of speakers, consensus has over 8000 attendees. If you haven’t heard of these events, we’re here to inform you!

CryptoCal 6

For this week’s CryptoCal we have two new events that might be interesting for you. So have you heard about Blockchain & Bitcoin Conference in Stockholm and Consensus in Singapore? If you haven’t heard of these two before, we’re here to inform you about these two upcoming events

CryptoCal #1: Blockchain & Bitcoin Conference – Stockholm

CryptoCal 6
Blockchain & Bitcoin Conference – Stockholm

Blockchain & Bitcoin Conference Stockholm is a highly anticipated crypto event in Sweden. The event wants to bring international business communities together in order to share their experience of integrating blockchain and cryptocurrencies. Secondly they want to discuss the blockchain industry issues and to find solutions for them. The third goal is to encourage a balanced growth of the cryptocurrency market. B&B Stockholm has several topics like: blockchain in various sectors, legal regulation of the blockchain, token models and application and ICO regulation. The organisation has arranged a wide variety of speakers so there will be blockchain experts, government officials, foreign investors, entrepreneurs, lawyers and developers to set the stage. The Blockchain & Bitcoin Conference is being held on September 11th in Stockholm, Sweden. The day starts at 09:00 and finishes around 18:00. Want to know more about this event? You can find their website here.

CryptoCal #2: Consensus Singapore

CryptoCal 6
Consensus – Singapore

Consensus Singapore attracts 8000+ attendees. 50% of the attendees are from outside the United States. Consensus Singapore claims it is the answer to the growing demand for specialized content. They want to enhance networking opportunities to satisfy the global appetite, so the event will feature 75+ speakers and 50+ sponsors. One of their many speakers will be IBM. IBM has engaged with more than 400 clients to apply blockchain into their businesses and will elaborate on their process so far. The main goal of consensus is to provide powerful insights, industry announcements, and cross-industry networking opportunities. TECHXLR8 Asia is the main host. TECHXLR8 is therefore divided into six shows: IoT World Asia, AI Summit Singapore, 5G Asia, Network Virtualization & SDN, project Kairos and the Consensus Asia. Consensus takes place on September 19th – 20th in Singapore. The event starts Wednesday at 07:00 and will approximately end Thursday at 18:00.

Are you planning to visit one of these events? Let us know in the comments which of these events you do prefer and if you would like to visit another one in the near future. What is your upcoming CryptoCal? We hope to see you soon.

As always: have a cryptastic day!

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