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Cryptomizers offers you consultancy and advisory services on adapting blockchain technology in your day-today business.

We provide a full range of services for successfully launching your Initial Coin offering. Interested?

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How we can help you!

We believe that blockchain technology will become an integral part of life within a few years. The blockchain simplifies business processes, improves the reliability and security of your data and makes transactions faster and cheaper. That’s why we like to inform you about the possibilities. Or help you with getting more out of your project.


We add value by acting as a true sparring partner in every
aspect of your ICO. We have divided our services
into two areas: blockchain services
and ICO services.


With our knowledge and expertise of both the crypto and fiat economies we advise you on opportunities and applications of blockchain technology in your day-to-day business process. We also support you with the implementation of blockchain technology in your company.
blockchain services

Blockchain advisory

We offer consulting and advice on how to apply blockchain technology in your daily business processes and let your business benefit from this innovation at an early stage.
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Awareness workshop

Our awareness sessions can be one-off, or consist of a number of sessions to understand the possibilities and the application of Blockchain in your daily business processes. After the workshop it will become clear what the blockchain can do for your company.
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Design phase

When you have sufficient knowledge of the blockchain and want to apply it in your company, then you need a plan or functional design. We will take care of your plan in collaboration with your company.
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Pilot phase

The results of the prototyping phase are being (externally) tested by means of a pilot phase. We will check if the design phase could be successfully finished and the development can be started.
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Prototyping phase

Based on the chosen business process or business processes, we will start working on a prototype. We do not do this alone, but with a number of our partners. Together we answer the question “Is a standard solution available or is customization desirable”. We are creating a blueprint that will lead to the development of a prototype.
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Blockchain development

It’s time for some action. In the development phase, we will work with you and our partners to arrive at a working prototype.
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Implementation phase

The most important and exciting part is the implementation of the Blockchain technology. With our knowledge we help you with a most efficient implementation.
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We guide crypto-economy start-ups step by step towards a successful Initial Coin Offering (ICO). We improve your Senior Advisory Team with our knowledge and our network of investor pools and private investors.
blockchain services

Marketing management

We complement your marketing team as advisors, or carry out specific parts of your marketing process. You can think of setting up your website, SEO, social media campaigns and taking care of marketing items, such as a creating banners.
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Whitepaper management

A professionally written whitepaper, from both business and marketing perspective, will attract quality investors. We will help you set up or improve your whitepaper. In close cooperation with the team of course.
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ICO Advisory

With our commercial spirit, knowledge and expertise of both the crypto- and fiat economies we thoroughly guide you through the ICO process.
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Community management

Social media channels such as Telegram require a constant presence, building trust of the community by answering questions. It also serves as an important indicator for larger investors. We will make sure you will have an active community, proving them with valuable input making them act as ambassadors for your ICO.
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Bounty management

A successful ICO offers a bounty program tailored to your marketing. We will coordinate the entire campaign on your behalf to ensure your community is properly recognized and compensated for its efforts.
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Airdrop management

An airdrop is a typical way to attract the wider public for your project. The goal is to increase exposure for your brand and product and find target investors. Based on some additional criteria we make a plan to attract a specific part of the community.
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Translation services

Impress in general, but especially towards potential investors. With more and more ICOs starting up, it’s important that you stand out for quality. After all, a website or a whitepaper are important sources and the main impression of your ICO.
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ICO security

Besides the fact that you miss the investment, the investor is also affected and the image damage will also be large. We offer you a 24/7 service that not only protects your ICO against serious activities, but also actually takes direct legal action. Our security service will reassure investors and give your ICO a higher quality.
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ICO portal

A Know You Client | Anti-money Laundering (KYC | AML) process can be an interesting addition to your process. US investors are often excluded, but that’s no longer necessary. We offer you the opportunity to legally admit US investors to invest.
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blockchain services

ICO services

After the ICO has successfully ended a solid community has been built. Now it’s important to keep giving your product or service the right attention. We offer you the right marketing services for doing so.

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